Foramina nervosa

nervų angelės statusas T sritis gyvūnų anatomija, gyvūnų morfologija atitikmenys: lot. Foramina nervosa ryšiai: platesnis terminassraigės latakas

Nomina anatomica, histologica et embryologica veterinaria / Lietuvos veterinarijos akademija. Anatomijos ir histologijos katedra. – Kaunas : Candela. . 1998.

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  • foramina nervosa — [TA] numerous small openings in the labium limbi tympanicum for the passage of the cochlear nerves; called also habenulae perforatae …   Medical dictionary

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  • Foramen — A natural opening. Although a foramen is usually through bone, it can be an opening through other types of tissue, as with the foramen ovale. * * * An aperture or perforation through a bone or a membranous structure. SYN: trema (1). [L. an… …   Medical dictionary

  • КОРТИЕВ ОРГАН — (КбHiker), названный по имени итальянского гистолога Корти (Corti), впервые подробно описавшего его [синоним papilla acustica basilaris (G. Retzi us)], представляет собой концевой аппарат улитковой ветви слухового нерва (ram. ■cochlearis n …   Большая медицинская энциклопедия

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  • habenula — 1. SYN: frenulum. 2. [TA] In neuroanatomy, the term originally denoted the stalk of the pineal gland (pineal h.; pedunculus of pineal body), but gradually came to refer to a neighboring group of nerve cells with which the …   Medical dictionary

  • zona — 1. SYN: zone. 2. SYN: herpes zoster. [L. fr. G. zone, a girdle, one of the zones of the sphere] z. arcuata SYN: arcuate zone. z. ciliaris SYN: ciliary zone. z. corona SYN: costal fringe. z. dermatica a rid …   Medical dictionary

  • ganglion cochleare — [TA] cochlear ganglion: the sensory ganglion located within the spiral canal of the modiolus. It consists of bipolar cells that send fibers peripherally through the foramina nervosa to the spiral organ and centrally through the internal acoustic… …   Medical dictionary

  • nervų angelės — statusas T sritis gyvūnų anatomija, gyvūnų morfologija atitikmenys: lot. Foramina nervosa ryšiai: platesnis terminas – sraigės latakas …   Veterinarinės anatomijos, histologijos ir embriologijos terminai

  • part — A portion. SYN: pars [TA]. abdominal p. of aorta SYN: abdominal aorta. abdominal p. of esophagus [TA] the portion of the esophagus from where it passes through the diaphragm to the stomach. See …   Medical dictionary

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